RIVA1920, Italy

Family-run Riva 1920 specializes in handcrafted quality furniture in massive wood. Since its founding, the focus has been on producing articles that merge traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. These are created to be handed down through future generations, with particular care and love for nature.


Production is based in Cantú near Como, Lombardia in the Brianza region's heart, historically renowned for fine wood-craftmanship.

Family-owned since its founding in 1920, the production scaled during the post-war period in the 50s. The clientele is international, with a large percentage reaching in Asia and the US markets.


Only three types of wood are used: Briccole (dismissed oaken stakes from the Venice laguna), Cedar from nearby forests (the trees used have fallen due to natural disaster or for safety reasons - the current owner, Maurizio Riva, still takes the time to check and select each trunk used) and Kauri from New Zealand (extracted from prehistoric deposits underground and dating from 7,000 to 50,000 years ago).


Nowadays, products are created through collaborations with international designers (names include Renzo Piano). To celebrate the 100th anniversary, the firm collaborated with Steve Leung on a limited edition which was presented during Salone in Milano in 2018. The next generation is ready to continue the work, Riva's daughter is the firm's latest addition. 


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